Ritsumeikan Moriyama Junior & Senior High School


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Message from the Principal

We will create a world with inspiration

The 21st century requires us to have an international awareness of scientific,
technological and social interaction in this turbulent age.

Taking full advantage of a continuous education system as an affiliated school of
Ritsumeikan University and Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University,
we develop students' motivation and spirit of inquiry.
Students enjoy the surrounding beautiful nature and great Lake Biwa,
and the wonderful school life on a brand new campus.
They also have opportunities to encounter various people;
both local and from all over the world.

We provide integrated programs of science and humanities,
and advanced placement programs closely cooperating
with the colleges of Ritsumeikan University,
as well as a wide variety of field research and active learning.

I believe our students' training, inspiration and talents will contribute to the world.
The world is our stage: We will create it.

Keiji Terada
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