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An Introduction to Ritsumeikan Moriyama
Academic Features

In April 2006, the Municipal Moriyama Girl's High School was changed to Ritsumeikan Moriyama Senior High School. Then, in April 2007, Ritsumeikan Moriyama Junior High School opened and the brand new campus was established.

We have been designated as a Super Science High School (SSH) by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology since 2006. One of the main features of the school is that we provide high quality and practical education. For instance, we have recently undertaken various research projects focusing on the world-famous ancient Lake Biwa and the surrounding water environment. We can boast a Biotope site on the school campus, and a specially designed Science Laboratory. In one of our projects, we designed and built an environmentally friendly Bio-diesel cart.

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Our school is located in Moriyama city, Shiga Prefecture. Moriyama has a long history: The Nakasendo road, one of the five major routes during the Edo Period, passes through the city. Additionally, Moriyama is surrounded with beautiful nature, including the Lake Biwa and Mt. Hiei. We can see the glow of fireflies in Moriyama, which means the city has a good environment. Our campus is located in the educational district of the city, near Citizen Hall and Comprehensive Sports Park.

Junior High School:
505 (1st – 3rd year)

Senior High School:
705 (1st – 3rd year)


Teachers: 95
Officers: 12

Ritsumeikan Co-op and Creotech Inc site staff

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