Ritsumeikan Moriyama Junior & Senior High School


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Educational Goals
Mission Statement

We foster learning and the development of the talents of the individual in order to nurture just and ethical global citizens. From understanding the principles of freedom and innovation, peace and democracy, our students contribute to the local and global society.

School Policies

Continuous Education

We take maximum advantage as a member of an integrated educational academy. We facilitate coordination between university colleges and secondary schools and build high quality educational environments so that students can work hard to improve their talents, knowledge and skills.


Emphasis on Science Education

We provide high quality and practical education in the fields of science and engineering, as well as opportunities to study the liberal arts. From this, students can study the scientific, technological and social interaction of the world.


Perspectives on the Global Information Society

We build an advanced education system for our students to acquire good foreign language skills and information and technology (IT) literacy. This enables them to improve their international understanding and cultivate leadership qualities for the world stage.


Sophisticated School Culture

We aim to be Japan's leading school of sophisticated culture, with numerous co-curricular activities including events for academic, cultural, artistic and sports achievements.

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